"By the way, do you speak Spanish?"

Club owner

"No, I don't. Why do you ask?"


‚Äč"Because it will be very hard for you to beg for your life with the people I will send to your front door if you try to cheat me."

Excerpt from Chapter 18 "Power"

About the Author

The Money Island

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Troy is a new author from the Lone Star state. Admittedly, he has lived a pretty extraordinary life with international travels and adventures. Now, he brings many of these experiences to the pages of his books.

As a former sports and music agent, Troy has been on the inside and witness to greatness and future name talent. It was the 40 weeks of annual travel that convinced him to retire and pursue writing. Perhaps it was in his blood.

Troy is distantly related to author John Grisham.

Troy is now married and has an 8-year old son. He lives in Texas, travels less and shares his bed with their two dogs.