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The Money Island

BIB POdcast April 9, 2016

Interview conducted by Lauren Goldstein on September 23, 2014 in Dallas at the Fairmont Hotel by Write Right Workshop based in New York City.

Featured is debut author Troy (one name only) whose book "The Money Island" was released today. It can be purchased at Amazon or www.TheMoneyIsland.com

WR: “First, congratulations on the book. What made you decide to become an author?”
Troy:“I always wanted to be. I’ve had The Money Island in my head since 2001.”
WR: “I loved it. It's intense. I don’t want to give too much away but the ending blew me away!”
Troy: (laughs) “Yes, thank you and please don’t.”
“I read where many in track (and field) thought you were doing an expose on the sport.
Troy: “I’ve been threatening to do one and plan to someday. I did get calls from former athletes concerned what I might have written, but no.”
​WR: “Is there “juice” there? Personal, like hook ups? Track is a beautiful sport. Who did you date? One of your former athletes said you dated a famous actress.”
Troy: “I don’t know what you mean by juice but there are some juicy scandals. Never dated much in the sport. Athletes tend to be selfish people.”

​​WR: “Hey, I was an athlete in college and who was the actress?”
Troy: “Yes, you said you ran a 2:09 800? Good job.”
​WR: “And the actress?”
Troy: “Let’s not go there. I’m a married guy now.”

​ ​WR: “But you do have some anecdotes in the book from your past days as an agent.” Troy: “Yes, I did use names like Andres (Espinosa) who did win New York (marathon) and still holds a world record. I used pole vaulter Bill Payne and others name in one form or other. One athlete from Mexico did use his prize money to bring electricity to his hometown. I mentioned the Zurich Leichtathletik meet

WR: “Did they mind you using their names?”
Troy: “I didn’t ask. Now I did use a Belgian meet director’s real name as the Swiss banker but he asked me to remove it because that week the Belgian papers had claimed Belgians were hiding money in Swiss banks. It was too close to home. I told him no problem. Now he owes me a call and I wish I had left it in.”

WR: “In doing research I spoke with some of your former athletes. They think you should still be representing athletes. Why did you retire it seemed like a dream job?
Troy: “Working my butt off for athletes and most didn't care, traveling 80% of the time was keeping me single. I wanted a family. The final straw was when I returned from Japan with over $2 million in endorsement offers for an African marathoner and there was a fax from her saying you’re fired. She didn’t want to pay me for the shoe contract I had to beg to get her. I was like ‘screw it. I’m done.’ (slaps his leg) Let’s talk about my book.”
​WR: “Lets. Where did you get the idea for The Money Island?”
Troy: “People see products or new ideas and always think “why didn’t I think of that?” I just had the idea that it would be plausible to anonymously operate an online lottery from a remote spot. Throw in some young, single guys with reckless abandon….”
WR: “I want to marry these guys.”
Troy: “Be careful, they aren’t ready to settle down.”
WR: “Are you Will (the lead character)?”
Troy: “I guess there are some quotes that are mine and I do speak Spanish. I have a caretaker mentality. I still stay in contact with most my former athletes. I always ask former athletes when was the last time they spoke to their old agent. The answer is usually not since the day they retired. Sad.”
WR: “Any interest from Hollywood or have you tried?”
Troy: “A couple of studios have requested screenplays.”   
WR: "What has been the reaction from Dallas? You are kinda harsh in description at times."
Troy: "I wondered about that too but most people have laughed in agreement."
WR: "Who do you want to play Will?"
Troy: "I've spoken with management for Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's son. I'm supposed to be getting a screenplay to them. Will's father would have to be Mel Gibson. He would be perfect but that might not work on several levels."
“Is it too much info to ask about a sequel. The ending,…. I know I’ll stop.”
Troy: “I have two other books I have started.”
WR: "Did you do a lot of research for this?"
Troy: "Of course. For US tax laws, I called a friend who was a Bush appointee to the IRS he kept asking me if I was actually trying to set up a lottery. I've never been on a oil rig so I had to research that. Same with the Navy SEALs but getting someone from the drug cartels, that's another story we'll leave alone.
“How long from the time you wrote it until it got published?”
Troy: “I wrote in 2010 and sent it to the big publishers. Kept getting the ‘we love it but you are a new author’, blah, blah, blah. You aren’t protected with interns reading your work. There was a movie that came out with very similar plot and scenarios but luckily it sucked, was predictable and tanked it the box office. Earlier this year I reached out to a distant acquaintance from my sports days. He's in the biz and knew a publisher and now, here we are."  
WR: “Predictable it's not. Your PR people told me to stay away from that subject but since you brought it up, have you seen Runner Runner the movie?”
Troy: “No, I get mad inside and might show up at someone’s door or resort to page 133 tactics.”
 ​WR: “Page 133? I don’t remember, remind me.”
Troy: “You read the book. (laughs) You'd better look it up.”