The Money Island

“Fantastic story. I can see watching this on the big screen….. you captivate a book audience.”
Michelle A., 38, Santa Clara

“I read it on Wednesday, then read it again on Friday. OMGosh! I loved it. It kept reader interested because a new element of surprise or suspense was added several times from beginning to end!”
​Jody S., 54, Houston

“Very unique and interesting concept….. this appealed to greed and how money can change even those who claim it never could. Writer appears to be ahead of his time.”
​Bill K., 29, Fairfax, VA
“I’m in bed at 9 every night but stayed up past midnight to finish it. Excellent job.”
Chris P., 51, Dallas
“Finally, a story that sounds plausible enough, yet never done.”
​Stephanie R., 25, Atlanta
“The new Tom Clancy has arrived.”
​Darin C. , 25, Anchorage, AK
“Why hasn’t this book already been snatched up for a movie? !!”
​Mark C., 47, Los Angeles
"Loved it! Waiting on the Sequel!"
Amy S., Spring, TX
What a page turner!! I loved it!!!!"
​Shannon W., Teague, TX
Absolutely Loved it!!!!!!! So when is MI 2 coming out. You left me hanging-not two years please. I see a trilogy. 
The ending is ....priceless.... I can already visualise the movie.
Susan G, Martinique

"I felt like I knew these guys. I was pulling for them to the very end. Author made you pull for the foursome."
Cinda A., 25, Little Rock, AR